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Manitowoc County

  • No fishing report for Manitowoc County this week.

Door County

  • Northern Door County Lakeside: There were no anglers seen fishing in any of the creeks or harbors along the Lake. A few salmon/trout could be seen swimming in Heins Creek, Whitefish Bay, and Shivering Sands Creek. Most of the launches are starting to take their docks out, so keep that in mind if your planning on going out.

  • Northern Door County Bayside: The only spot were there was any fishing pressure this week was at Ellison Bay. The one angler that I talked to reported to catching 12 smallmouth bass in roughly four hours. He reported catching fish on a variety of tackle, from live bait to tubes.

  • Sturgeon Bay Canal: Few anglers were seen fishing in the canal throughout the week. One of the anglers fishing was targeting brown trout and northern pike by one of the marinas. The angler reported seeing a few brown trout but was unable to catch any. He did not have any success catching northern pike, however in prior days he had good success catching northern pike using crankbaits. There was an anglers fishing along the shore at Stone Quarry, however the angler did not have any luck. They were targeting smallmouth bass using sucker minnows.

Kewaunee County

  • Kewaunee: There was low fishing pressure this week, a few anglers were interviewed near Bruemmer Park. The interviewed parties had some luck fishing for brown and rainbow trout using rainbow spawn sacks. Snow and rain caused the river to rise slightly and clarity to drop.

  • Algoma: Fishing pressure was low this week, cold weather along with snow kept many anglers from fishing. One individual caught a chinook on the Ahnapee River below the dam using a spoon. The run has slowed considerably over the last week. Water level has risen slightly and clarity has dropped with the small snow melt.

Fox River and Green Bay Creel Report: November 4, 2019

Fox River

  • Fox River: On October 27 the metro boat launch averaged 23 to 25 boat trailers, foxpoint had about 5 to 6 trailers, and the fairgrounds had 4 to 5 trailers. There was a good mixture of duck hunters and anglers. Most of the anglers were either targeting walleye, musky, or smallmouth bass. The catch rate for walleyes was between 3 to 6 fish, and for smallmouth it was 2 to 3 fish. The average size of the walleyes averaged 17 to 22 inches. The smallmouth bass were all released by the anglers. I interviewed 3 musky anglers and out of the 3 only 2 of them caught one musky. Most of anglers targeting walleye was trolling shad raps and flicker shads, but there was a couple drifting and jigging with a minnow. The anglers targeting smallmouth was trolling and casting up the Fox River. The two days that I worked there was no shore anglers.

Oconto County

  • Perch fishing remained good this week at Oconto Park II and the Oconto city docks. Overall Oconto Park II was a little better with both size and numbers of perch caught. Most perch caught ranged from 6 to 10 inches with a few larger fish caught. Anglers were scattered around the shore of Oconto Park II with success being seen in most spots. Both minnows and worms were catching perch with minnows being best for larger fish. Boat ramps were busy this week from Pensaukee north to Oconto Park II with duck hunters being the primary users.

  • Geano Beach: There was no trailers on October 31. On October 27 there was an average of 3 to 4 trailers. I didn't get any interviews from this location.

Brown County

  • Duck Creek: On Ocotber 27 there was an average of 6 to 8 trailers for both sites. Most of the trailers seemed to be duck hunters. On October 31 there was only an average of 3 trailers for both sites. I didn't get any interviews on either of the days.

  • Suamico River: : On October 31 there was 4 boat trailers in the parking lot. I didn't get any interviews on that day. On October 27th there was an average of 7 to 10 trailers. No boats came in while I was at the boat launch.

Marinette County

  • Most fishing pressure was seen off of Hattie St. Bridge and both sides of the river below the dam with a few boat anglers fishing from Hattie St. to the Hwy. 41 bridge. Walleye and whitefish were being caught with best action being after dark or low light conditions. Walleye were hitting stickbaits such as husky jerks being trolled or fished off the Hattie St. Bridge. Whitefish were being caught of the Hattie St. Bridge on jigs. Duck hunters were using other area ramps such as Red Arrow, Little River, and the Peshtigo River sites.

Public Hearing on Lake Michigan Lake Whitefish Rule to be held Nov. 20

Whitefish have historically been pursued by commercial fishers in the waters of Lake Michigan.Photo credit: DNR

Contact(s): Brad Eggold, Great Lakes district fisheries supervisor, 414-303-0138, Bradley.Eggold@wisconsin.gov


CLEVELAND, Wis. - The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources will hold a public hearing on a permanent rule regulating bottom trawling for lake whitefish on Lake Michigan. The hearing will take place on Nov. 20 at 6 p.m. at the Lakeshore Technical College (Lake Michigan room) in Cleveland.

Written comments on the rule and its potential impacts will be accepted through Nov. 23 to the address on the hearing notice. For hearing information and additional details on the proposed permanent rules visit the DNR website.

Bottom trawling for lake whitefish has occurred since 2015 in an area of Lake Michigan near Two Rivers as part of a cooperative study between the department, Sea Grant and a commercial fishing company. Under this proposed rule, commercial fishers could elect to bottom trawl in this area as an alternative to using nets to fill their preexisting lake whitefish quotas.

"The trawl study was created, designed and implemented to determine the feasibility of using a bottom trawl to harvest lake whitefish in this specific area of Lake Michigan," said DNR Great Lakes fisheries supervisor Brad Eggold. "Statistically sound data and science from the study provided the basis for the development of the rule, which provides for the sustainability of lake whitefish harvests using bottom trawls and protects important game species. This rule will create consistent regulations for all commercial fishers that choose to bottom trawl while minimizing incidental catch of important game fish such as lake trout."

This rule would standardize gear, monitoring and reporting requirements for trawling for lake whitefish. Limits on the area open to trawling, number of licenses, trawl dimensions, trawling season, amount of time per trawl drag and the overall whitefish quota will prevent overharvest of lake whitefish and minimize incidental catch.

To learn more about Lake Michigan commercial fishing, visit the DNR website and search "Lake Michigan fisheries."

The Manitowoc Unit of Manitowoc County Fish & Game announced that its November meeting will be held at the Manitowoc Gun Club on Thursday, November 6th, at 7pm. Members and guests are asked to note the change in locations, as is customary in November and December due to the partnership between the organizations.  Manitowoc Fish & Game works to promote and protect the rights of sporting men and women in the county through a variety of projects and education programming.


Guest speaker for the meeting will be Jeff Pritzl, DNR Wildlife Manager.  He will be sharing information the upcoming deer hunting season, along with an update on game populations in northeast Wisconsin.  There will be an opportunity for questions and discussion.


The Manitowoc Unit meets the first Thursday of each month and meetings are open to the public.  Those interested in the outdoors and especially youth are encouraged to attend these meetings.  There is a speaker or presentation each meeting, followed by a short business meeting.  Lunch and refreshments are then available.  For more information on the clubs that are part of the organization, membership and their resources can be found at:


NEW Website:  www.mantyfg.org

or Contact Trapper Dan at


Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Lake Michigan to get nearly 30% more chinook salmon in 2020


Starting next year, Michigan plans to increase chinook salmon stocking by 150,000, increasing the total statewide stocking from 504,000 to 654,000 fish. This move is in response to a recent recommendation of the Lake Michigan Citizens Fishery Advisory Committee to boost lakewide stocking levels.

“The Lake Michigan predator and prey balance has improved in recent years,” said Jay Wesley, the DNR’s Lake Michigan Basin coordinator. “The size of the salmon has also improved, with hundreds weighing more than 30 pounds caught at multiple ports.”

This marks the first salmon-stocking increase in Lake Michigan since 1999. The committee has worked continuously with stakeholders and resource agencies around the lake to bring balance to its ecosystem.

“Although some anglers would prefer a larger stocking increase, biologists are still concerned with the uncertainty of alewife year-class strength and how much wild reproduction of salmon to expect,” Wesley said. “Alewife are the main diet of chinook salmon.”

The Lake Michigan Citizens Fishery Advisory Committee and the DNR will continue to monitor Lake Michigan conditions and adjust stocking accordingly to sustain a healthy, diverse salmon and trout fishery. Visit Michigan.gov/Fishing to learn more about how the DNR manages the state’s fisheries.








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