November 8, 2019

Little Manitou Falls, Pattison State Park  Photo credit: DNR

Outdoor Report is your weekly snapshot for all thingsoutdoors from across the state. Here is a brief look at what Wisconsin has instore for you this week

Much of the state received snow this week, with higheramounts in the south and less in the north. The golden hues of oaks are stillhanging on, despite the snow, which is creating some tracking opportunities forarchery and crossbow hunters right as the white-tailed deer rut hits its peak.Turkeys have been grouping up, and grouse action seems to be steadily slowing.

Waterfowl migration is picking up, with the chilly weatherbringing more northern birds to the state. There were 200 to 400 trumpeter andtundra swans seen at Horicon Marsh, along with hundreds of cranes. Early wintermigrants such as juncos, snow buntings and fox sparrows have also arrived.

Lake Michigan salmon are near the end of their run, butwhitefish are beginning their spawning runs on the Green Bay tributaries. Snowhas slowed fish activity, and ice is starting to form on many small lakes andbays on larger northern lakes.

Deer Hunters Encouraged to Get Deer Tested for Chronic Wasting Disease and Assist with Surveillance Efforts

This year enhanced CWD suveillance efforts are occuring throughout 18 counties in northern Wisconsin.Photo credit: Anthony Petrie

Contact(s): Lindsey Long, acting Wildlife Health section chief, 608-219-5038, Lindsey.Long@wisconsin.gov
November 4, 2019 at 2:59:04 pm


MADISON, Wis. - The 2019 Wisconsin deer hunting season is underway, and the Department of Natural Resources reminds hunters who harvest adult deer to test them for Chronic Wasting Disease.

2019 Surveillance

Sample Caption and Alt TextPhoto credit: DNR

This year, enhanced CWD surveillance efforts are occurring throughout 18 counties in northern Wisconsin as part of a multi-year rotation across the state to determine where CWD exists on the landscape. Additional surveillance efforts will focus on areas surrounding wild and captive positive detections as well as in select counties with low sampling numbers in recent years.

To meet surveillance goals, the department is seeking to test as many deer as hunters will provide for sampling in the following locations: Ashland, Barron, Bayfield, Burnett, Douglas, Eau Claire , Florence, Forest, Iron, Juneau, Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Marinette, Marquette, Oconto, Oneida, Polk, Portage, Price, Rusk, Sawyer, Shawano, Taylor, Vilas, Washburn and Waupaca counties. Surveillance is also continuing in the Southern Farmland Zone.

While there are focused areas of surveillance, hunters anywhere in Wisconsin can have their deer tested for CWD, and there are a variety of options available to make sampling convenient for hunters. Options for CWD sampling include both in-person service as well as self-service options. Hunters should contact staffed sampling stations in advance to verify hours of operation and should have their harvest authorization number and location of harvest information available when submitting a sample for CWD testing.

Deer Carcass Waste Disposal

Hunters are encouraged to dispose of deer carcass waste in a licensed landfill that accepts this waste or in a dumpster designated for deer carcass waste. If a municipality allows deer disposal curbside or at a transfer station, the carcass should be double bagged. If these options are not available and the deer was harvested on private land, burying the deer carcass waste or returning it to the location of the harvest are the next best options.

"The cooperation of businesses who provide a sampling or disposal location and the hunters who have their deer tested are vital to the success of our CWD surveillance process," Tami Ryan, DNR Acting Director of the Bureau of Wildlife Management.

Hunters can find a map with the CWD sampling locations and deer carcass disposal locations on the DNR website as well as in the Hunt Wild app.

Baiting & Feeding

There are currently baiting and feeding bans in several counties throughout the state. Hunters and landowners should check the DNR baiting and feeding webpage frequently for updates, as new baiting and feeding bans may be enacted in 2019 with new wild or captive CWD positive detections. None of the counties currently identified statewide will be removed from the baiting and feeding ban in 2019.

Prevent the spread of CWD

The DNR recommends a few simple practices to help prevent the spread of CWD. This includes and is not limited to information on proper carcass transportation, handling, and disposal, reporting sick deer, following baiting and feeding information and the cleaning and decontamination of equipment. Another way hunters can help is by following urine-based scent recommendations.

Sick deer reports

DNR staff is interested in reports of sick deer. To report a sick deer, contact local wildlife staff or call the DNR's Customer Service hotline at 1-800-847-9367.

Test results

To view CWD results for a harvested deer, hunters will need to enter a customer ID or CWD sample barcode number. The average turnaround time from when the deer is brought to a sampling station to when the results are available is typically 10-14 days.

The Centers for Disease Control [EXIT DNR], Wisconsin's Department of Health Services and the World Health Organization [EXIT DNR] advise against consuming venison from deer that have tested positive for CWD.

Manitowoc County

  • Fishing success this weekend was moderate with a mix of smallmouth bass and chinook salmon being caught. In the Manitowoc River there was one chinook salmon reported being caught at the 19th Street location. Additionally, near the 10th Street Bridge on the Manitowoc River there was a report of smallmouth being caught with crankbaits. At the Shoto Dam the success rate was moderate with a report of several chinook salmon being caught using flicker shad, spawn sacs, and a treble hook with eggs. Unfortunately due to windy weather this past weekend, there was a decrease in fishing pressure at many locations in Two Rivers.

Door County

  • Northern Door County Lakeside: Gills Rock had decent fishing pressure throughout the week, however no interviews were conducted from anglers in boats. However, a couple interviews occurred from shore anglers with no success. Two anglers were targeting salmon throwing crankbaits with no luck. On Thursday the 16th there was one angler targeting smallmouth bass using a worm did not have any luck either. Salmon were still seen swimming in the harbors on Thursday October 16th. The boat anglers are targeting smallmouth bass and reports are that anglers are having good success. There were no anglers fishing in Bailey’s Harbor this week. One angler was fishing in Heins Creek with no success. No fishing effort was reported from Hibbards, Whitefish Bay, Shivering Sands, or Reibolt Creek this week.

  • Northern Door County Bayside: Anglers were spotted fishing at Egg Harbor, Sister Bay, and Ellison Bay. This was the only place were anglers were seen fishing this week. One group of anglers coming in from Egg Harbor reported catching a couple smallmouth bass using worms. Sister Bay and only had a few shore anglers throughout the week with majority of those on Sunday October 13. One angler did not have any luck using crankbaits. While another angler caught two salmon on spawn sacs that same day. Ellison Bay anglers were targeting smallmouth bass and only one interview was conducted. That angler that was fishing in Ellison Bay only fished for an hour before they pulled off the water due to rough conditions. They did manage to catch one smallmouth bass before they pulled off the water.

  • Sturgeon Bay Canal: There were no interviews conducted at all this week for anglers in the canal. There were a few boats fishing out of the Stone Quarry, but they did not come in while I was there. There was an angler that flagged me down one night after my shift and reported that he caught 5 smallmouth bass while fishing all day on the canal. However, one of the fish he caught was pushing 6 pounds. He did not give any info on what he caught the fish on or where. There were no anglers fishing off of Barge Rd this week or the Piers.

Kewaunee County

  • Kewaunee: Fishing pressure was low during the beginning of the week and moderate during the weekend. Only a few chinooks were reported from anglers using spoons and spawn sacks during the beginning of the week. Some rainbows and cohos are starting to be caught with spawn sacks up the Kewaunee River near Bruemmer Park. The water level has continued to drop and clarity has been improving from last week.

  • Algoma: Fishing pressure was moderate this week. The majority of anglers interviewed were fishing below the dam on County Road J. The chinook catches have decreased from the previous week but there are still some around. Anglers have primarily had luck with spoons and yarn flies. The water level has been decreasing and water clarity has been improving slightly.

Fox River and Green Bay Creel Report: October 23, 2019

Fox River

  • Fox River: Angler effort was low however a few parties could be observed at Metro launch. There also was light shore angling near the mouth of the river. Fox Point and Fairgrounds had little to no angler effort or traffic. Voyageur Park had low numbers of shore anglers fishing along the channel and downstream of the powerlines.

Oconto County

  • Higher use was seen at area ramps this week with better weather than previous weeks. Most people out were duck hunters especially out of Pensaukee and Oconto Breakwater. The few boat anglers that were out went out of Oconto Park II and Oconto Breakwater trying for walleyes. Fishing was slow with only a couple boats getting 1 walleye a piece. Fishing off of Young’s Reef seemed to be the most popular area with trolling crankbaits getting the limited success. Shore anglers at the mouth of the Oconto River and at Oconto Park II reported slow fishing with mostly small perch being caught. A few keeper size perch have been caught up to 13 inches however, along with smaller sized bluegills. Anglers were using both crawlers and minnows for perch. Water temps dropped below 50 degrees this week with upper 40’s being seen most days.

  • Geano Beach: Traffic low at this site, little angler effort. Only parties observed were focused on hunting.

Brown County

  • Duck Creek, Longtail Point: Angler effort limited to light shore angling with short trips and little success targeting no particular species. HWY 41 access showed consistent use by hunters; a couple of small vessel trailers were also observed at the VFW access. Suamico River: Low traffic at this launch with a handful of parties at most. Light shore angling depending on fair weather with little success. Waterfowl hunters utilized this access regularly.

Marinette County

  • A fair number of anglers were out on the Menominee River this week. Both shore and boat anglers were trying for brown trout and walleyes. Fishing was reported to be slow with most catches taking place in the early morning or late afternoon. Both walleyes and brown trout were caught below the dam and off of Hattie St. Bridge in low numbers. Anglers were using Little Cleo’s from shore and stick baits off the bridge. Clown and fire tiger stick baits were the most widely used colors along with orange and gold for the Little Cleo’s. Water temps were in the upper 40’s this past week.

October 22, 2019

Ruffed Grouse West Nile Virus Results Now Available

MADISON, Wis. - The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources has received results from the first year testing from the ruffed grouse West Nile virus surveillance project [PDF].

A three-year study is a region-wide effort to help better understand West Nile virus in ruffed grouse in Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Photo credit: Paul Carson


Oct. 31 is the Deadline to Purchase Sturgeon Spearing Licenses

MADISON, Wis. - The deadline to purchase licenses for the 2020 Lake Winnebago sturgeon spearing season is Oct. 31, with state biologists forecasting great opportunities to land the fish of a lifetime.

Jonathan Eiden harvested an 85.5-inch-long lake sturgeon that weighed 171 pounds on Lake Winnebago during the 2019 season.


Wolf River Water Resources Management Plan Meeting to be Held Nov. 5

SHAWANO, Wis. - The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources invites those with interest in the management of the Wolf River to attend a public informational meeting about the recently completed draft of the Wolf River Water Resources Management Plan for the project area running from Keshena Falls to the Shawano Dam. The meeting will run from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m. on Nov. 5 in the Large Group Instruction Room at the Shawano High School in Shawano.

The public has an opportunity to review and comment on a draft Wolf River Water Resources Management Plan.


DNR Launches New Voluntary Environmental Assessment Program for Businesses

MADISON, Wis. - The Department of Natural Resources announced the launch of its new Enviro-Check program. Enviro-Check empowers businesses to proactively verify they are meeting environmental requirements through a third-party assessment. This voluntary program also provides limited liability for violations that are reported and corrected.



DNR Expands Clean Diesel Grant Program

MADISON, Wis. - The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources is now accepting applications for projects that reduce diesel emissions and improve Wisconsin's air quality and human health.

The Clean Diesel Grant Program has helped improve the state's air quality by reducing emissions that contribute to fine particulate, ozone and carbon monoxide levels. - Photo credit: Contributed








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