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Best & Worst Cities for Remote Workers

With LawnStarter’s entire staff joining the other 42 percent of U.S. workers already telecommuting, America’s leading outdoor services provider, LawnStarter, today released its ranking of 2020’s Best Cities for Remote Workers.

To find the perfect city for a telecommuting lifestyle, LawnStarter dove into the data, comparing the 150 biggest U.S. cities across 15 key factors, such as remote job opportunities, internet speed, and the cost of renting a home office.

See the winners and losers below, followed by key takeaways from our report.

2020’s Best and Worst Telecommuter Cities

Best for Remote Workers

1 McKinney, TX

2 Frisco, TX

3 Plano, TX

4 Irving, TX

5 Garland, TX

6 Yonkers, NY

7 Austin, TX

8 Fort Worth, TX

9 Dallas, TX

10 Orlando, FL

Worst for Remote Workers

141 Boston, MA

142 Oxnard, CA

143 San Bernardino, CA

144 Elk Grove, CA

145 Ontario, CA

146 Lexington, KY

147 Anchorage, AK

148 Bakersfield, CA

149 Moreno Valley, CA

150 Honolulu, HI

Key Takeaways:

• Don’t Mess with Texas: With a whopping eight of our top 10 cities, the Lonestar State dominates our ranking. (Full disclosure: LawnStarter is headquartered in Austin — though for not much longer — so even though we’re biased, we promise that our Texan pride didn’t influence the results here.)

Texas cities — seven of them in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex — earned many of the highest scores in the Work Environment and Connectivity categories while also taking decent scores in Costs and Opportunities. In other words, Texas is a well-rounded place for remote work, which must be why it’s one of the fastest growing states in the nation.

• Meet Me in the Middle: Mid-sized cities are safe bets for remote workers. Larger cities tend to falter when it comes to cost of living, workplace safety, and rental prices. And smaller cities can’t compete on metrics like coworking spaces, food delivery, or job opportunities. Not too hot and not too cold, mid-sized cities like Fayetteville, North Carolina; Orlando, Florida; and Reno, Nevada, are just right.

• Rockin’ the ’Burbs: Suburbs ranked well on our list — and for good reason. They boast some of the benefits and accessibility of major cities but at cheaper prices. Not feeling Kansas City, Missouri, income taxes? Try Overland Park, Kansas. Want to escape those sky-high New York City prices? Head on over to Yonkers. Suburbs are a great choice for that new, remote-work lifestyle that won’t break the bank.

• Not All that Glitters Is Gold: One location to avoid is California. The Golden State consistently finds itself at the bottom of our ranking, even California’s mid-sized cities like Santa Ana or suburbs like Moreno Valley. High on costs and low on good workplace factors like safety or available personal space, California may be better for a vacation than a telecommuting life.

Our full ranking and analysis are available here: https://www.lawnstarter.com/blog/studies/best-worst-us-cities-for-remote-workers/








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