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Instagram Ranks Favorite Thanksgiving Pies by State

OK, we all agree this country is divided nowadays, but you might figure we could agree on what our favorite pies are on Thanksgiving. However, a new Instagram poll show's you'd be wrong about that.

One might also figure pumpkin and apple would have a lock on Turkey Day, but along comes Instagram's Pie Chart, showing cranberry pie is the most popular in 14 states, including Illinois, Minnesota, and Nebraska, while strawberry pie shows strongly in Idaho, South Dakota, Kentucky, and Hawaii.

Sweet potato pie, which seems more logical given the season, was the second-most popular choice, ranking as the favorite in 11 states.

Believe it or not, apple pie was only preferred by one state: Connecticut.

Instagram posted its pie chart to Facebook, noting its data was based on, "the likes and mentions of pie flavors [this month] from in-feed and Instagram Story posts," however, some residents couldn't believe their...pies.

"I grew up in Rhode Island and I’ve never even heard of a cranberry pie," griped one commenter.

"I’ve lived in Illinois for 61 years. None of my four siblings have ever heard of a cranberry nor like me do they know if anyone who eats it. I don’t understand how this pie was popular in Illinois," another said.

At any rate, here's Instagram's list, alphabetically by state:

Alabama: Pecan

Alaska: Blueberry

Arizona: Pumpkin

Arkansas: Pecan

California: Pumpkin

Colorado: Cherry

Connecticut: Apple

Delaware: Sweet potato

Washington, DC: Sweet potato

Florida: Pecan

Georgia: Sweet potato

Hawaii: Strawberry

Idaho: Strawberry

Illinois: Cranberry

Indiana: Pecan

Iowa: Cranberry

Kansas: Cranberry

Kentucky: Strawberry

Louisiana: Sweet potato

Maine: Blueberry

Maryland: Sweet potato

Massachusetts: Cranberry

Michigan: Cherry

Minnesota: Cranberry

Mississippi: Sweet potato

Missouri: Cherry

Montana: Cranberry

Nebraska: Cranberry

Nevada: Pumpkin

New Hampshire: Cranberry

New Jersey: Blueberry

New Mexico: Cherry

New York: Blueberry

North Carolina: Sweet potato

North Dakota: Cherry

Ohio: Sweet potato

Oklahoma: Blueberry

Oregon: Cranberry

Pennsylvania: Sweet potato

Rhode Island: Cranberry

South Carolina: Pecan

South Dakota: Strawberry

Tennessee: Sweet potato

Texas: Pecan

Utah: Blueberry

Vermont: Cranberry

Virginia: Sweet potato

Washington: Cranberry

West Virginia: Cherry

Wisconsin: Cranberry

Wyoming: Cranberry

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