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Join Craig every weekday from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. for the Breakfast Club! It's chock full of music, contests, guest appearances, and lively discussions on what's happening on the Lakeshore!


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Monday, September 25th 7:50 am – Kayla Beckerdite, Manitowoc County Emergency Services Director

Monday, September 25th 8:15 am – rep with National Kidney Foundation re:  dialysis patient awareness gap survey findings

Monday, September 25th 8:30 am – Senator Devin LeMahieu

Tuesday, September 26th 7:50 am – Joanna Ho, author of children’s book “Say My Name”

Tuesday, September 26th 8:15 am – Ann Habeck & Melissa Konop of ADRP re:  Medicare A-D

Tuesday, September 26th 8:30 am – Welcome Home with Bartow Builders

Wednesday, September 27th 7:50 am – Laura Gimburg re:  challenges women face with their health & how to take control

Wednesday, September 27th 8:15 am – Kyle M.K. with Indeed re:  top 20 companies for work wellbeing list according to Indeed

Wednesday, September 27th 8:30 am – Michelle Reinen with DATCP

Thursday, September 28th 7:50 am – Anand Varma re:  book Invisible Wonders – Photographs of the Hidden World

Thursday, September 28th 8:15 am – Pat Reilly with Inn on Maritime Bay

Thursday, September 28th 8:30 am – Dr Ned Hallowell re:  ADHD in kids

Friday, September 29th 8:15 am – Ashley Hagenow, Alice in Dairyland re:  Rail Safety Week

Friday, September 29th 8:30 am – Flat River Band Brothers

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