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Join Craig every weekday from 5:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. for the Breakfast Club! It's chock full of music, contests, guest appearances, and lively discussions on what's happening on the Lakeshore!


Breakfast Club (4).png

Monday, June 24th 7:50 am – Alyssa Neff-Miller of Camp Tapawingo re:  summer camps

Monday, June 24th 8:15 am – Chris Able re:  school board updates

Monday, June 24th 8:30 am – Senator Devin LeMahieu

Tuesday, June 25th 7:50 am – Dawn Yanek re:  Bring Joy to Every Day

Tuesday, June 25th 8:15 am – Emily with ADRC

Tuesday, June 25th 8:30 am – Welcome Home with Bartow Builders

Wednesday, June 26th 8:15 am – Kristen Keck of Mtwc Library re:  teen hangouts

Wednesday, June 26th 8:30 am – Troy Duell re:  sugar crisis of consuming too much daily

Thursday, June 27th 8:15 am – Tim Gadzinski of Mtwc Library re:  American Farmer exhibition

Thursday, June 27th 8:30 am – Barb Bundy-Jost re:  Mid-Mod Aluminum & Beyond Summer Convention

Friday, June 28th 7:50 am – Dr Alexis Stephani re:  summer skin tips

Friday, June 28th 8:30 am – PJ Alberts of Capitol Civic Centre

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